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Violated!!!! We’ve been Robbed(Burglarized)!

March 30, 2008

Arrived home after work on Friday March 21st, 2008. Discovered that we had had some unwelcome guests. Entry was through a small window over our guest shower. There was also pry marks on the back sliding door. They got all of our small electronics, including a new laptop, cameras and our Wii Game system with 17 games. They dumped all the bedroom drawers and got all our jewelry and all our accessories. They used several of our own travel and duffel bag to cart away our loot.

Mistakes that we made that might help anyone else:

  • Left a ladder outside which they used to get in the window.
  • Probably left the window open. All window should have had sticks to prevent opening.
  • Left tools outside that they used to try and pry door open.

Other thing we should have done and you should too.

  • Get alarm company sticker& signs . Short of getting an Alarm system, which we now have.
  • Keep any jewelry in a secure location, not in your drawers. (Insurance max is $1000)
  • Change your habits. Leave and return at different times.

Hope that this doesn’t happen to you, this is a very upsetting ordeal.

Part II

on November 21, 2008 we had a repeat visit from our Violators! They smashed our Dinning Room window in. Alarm sounding, first from the window sensor, then the motion sensor and then the back slider sensor. We and the police were notified. The wife headed home from work and beat the police by 20 minutes. When they showed up and cleared the scene, making sure that no crooks where around.

With the Alarm going they didn’t have much time, but still managed to grab some of our valuables. 2 Laptops and a Nikon Camera plus a few other items. They also Grab extra house and car keys. We had the house re-keyed, but did not notice the car keys missing.

Part III

December 13, 2008 after returning home from a Christmas Party, IĀ  parked my car in the driveway with our other car. I had picked up our Christmas Decorations from our storage unit and put them in the garage, leave no room for the car. At 09:30 Sunday my grandson and daughter-in-law came over. Grandson says: did you get both cars in the garage? NO, there in the driveway! Grandson: No there NOT! You got it, during the night they came and took both cars. Someone called and had found one of our cars, Minus Headlights and battery. They had tried to take the radiator but didn’t get that. They had also done some vandalism to the inside beside taking everything not bolted down. Tuesday morning they found the other car very close to our home. They had also cleaned out everything from my car including the mini spare tire. They did not take the new tires or new battery. They parked it in some brush, which caused some heavy scratches. We later found out they had used the 2nd car to break into someoneĀ  house on Monday.

Wish us luck in the New Year. And pray that the police might catch these very bad people. They have been working very hard at it.